emergency loan assist

need a 95% ltv stated loan for land contract pay off with 10 months seasoning

I have a client in michigan who wants to pay off a land contract that is 10 months old. Her middle score is 610 and she owes 74,000 on a property that appraised for 82,000. She is a waitress and does not show enuff income through her paystubs and has no w-2’s although her bank statements for the past 24 months do show income of about 2300 a month. she has no other bills.

Need Loan immediately

I need $3000.00 to help my husband & I purchase a home. We have been renting for 14 years, that’s too long to be paying rent. We have been trying to purchase a home, but our credit is very bad, deliquent credit history, also not enough down-payment. We do own our car, & can used our car as calatoral.

505, 570 Beacons; mixed used NC property, NIV

85% LTV, buying property has lease purchased for 3 and 1/2 years. New mixed used properties similar across street going for $180,000. Customer is pruchasing for $75,000 and property is worth at least $100,000. Which investor will close this kind of loan?

Need a 70% LTV No Doc NOO for Brevard Cnty, FL

I need a 70% LTV, 90% CLTV, No Doc, NOO for a borrower in Brevard County, Florida with a middle score of 588. Here’s the particulars in case you have some other suggestions. Borrower is self employed since Feb. 2001, same line of work he was in for last 17 yrs. Property is two rental cottages on one lot, combined rental income $1,300/mo. Last twelve months, he’s had 2 30 day mortgage lates and 3 30 day consumer lates. Purchase Price = $225,000, 10% down, 20% seller carried 2nd , 70% LTV

Refi 2nd seasoned 8 mos. in FL

I’ve got a borrower wanting to consolidate his first and second mortgages in Florida. The 2nd has only 8 months seasoning. This is owner occupied. Middle score is 624. New loan amount will be around 250,000. Looking for A paper rates to do this deal. Any ideas who I might contact?

Is there a lender in ND for this borrower?

Hi, I had a query at my website for someone wanting to do a mortgage for approx. $300,000, using his home, plus 6 other vehicles (including a tractor and camper trailer) for collateral. He’s trying to consolidate all his debt but a emergency loan. Any lenders who deal in ND that may be able to help him, please email me